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Balayage and foilayage expert. Creates multi-dimensional hair color perfectly curated for you.

A lover of all things Disney, crafting and Mardi Gras no one is ever unhappy around this bundle of sunshine.

Sage Hair Best Salon

I love all things hair color! I love anything from unicorn hair to simple grey coverage. My joy comes from seeing my clients beam as they wear the hair of their dreams out of the salon.

I am often told I have the most optimistic disposition. It even garnered me the nickname "Sunshine." Life is too short to dwell on the negative so I don't. With a nickname like sunshine you could guess my favorite color is yellow, but only because glitter isn't a color.

Speaking of glitter, let's talk about my Cricut! It makes prepping for my favorite season, Mardi Gras, so much fun. Just imagine what I can do for my little girl's birthday parties in the future.

As a new mom I understand the importance of taking time to look and feel your best. I love helping woman achieve the color they have never been able to get just right. I love geeking out on hair color tutorials, classes, blogs or even just jamming with my coworkers. This constant education helps me to keep up with the newest trends and technology in hair color. 

As a color specialist I can also install extensions that are an identical match to your hair color. I offer a variety of different extension instillation techniques and love to show you how easy and natural extensions can look.

If you are looking for anything from unicorn color to lived-in hair color and want to have a positive person to share a couple of hours with then come see me. You will look and feel good.


New Guest Cover & Gloss
New Guest Signature Highlight
New Guest Color Transformation
Cover & Gloss (Existing Guest)
Signature Highlight (Existing Client)
Color Transformation (Existing Guest)
15 Extra Minutes Of Time


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