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Let's Talk Haircolor...

New Guest Services

As a new client, we will require extra time to have a through consultation and the right amount of time to execute a great service.  I have created New Guest Services to streamline your booking process!  

Finally stress free booking!  Each service and price is broken into different time blocks.  After your initial appointment all future maintenance appointments are at our regular prices.  For guests that like to come in every 6 months or more, no problem.  Just book a New Client Service so we have plenty of time to reconnect and revamp your hair.  If you are looking for a color and haircut we have New Client services just for you.  Click the New Guest Color & Cut Button.

Once you have reviewed the services and are ready to book, click the "Book Now" button.  Still unsure?  Click on the "Digital Consultation" button.  I will review your responses and reach out with a recommendation fr your best option for booking.

Cover & Gloss

Select this option if you are looking to retouch your base color without any foil work.  This service will include a glaze and a blowout.

Starting at $110  Duration 1 Hour 45 Minutes

Recommended maintenance every 4-6 weeks

Signature Highlight

This option is best for you if you are wanting to add some lightness to you hair or are already blonde and would like to fine tune your color.  This service includes a partial highlight, glaze, lowlight and blowout.

Starting at $150+ Duration 2 Hours 15 Minutes

Recommended maintenance every 6-8 weeks 

Maximum Blonding

Select this option if you are interested in adding a ton of lightness the hair, want to add more dimension, blend out harsh demarcation lines from old color, or want a base color and foil work.  This service includes highlight, lowlight, glaze and blowout.

Starting at $210+ Duration 3 Hours

Recommended maintenance every 4-8 weeks

Color Transformation

This option is if you are looking for a total color overhaul.  This will include someone who is looking to be extremely lighter, needing color correcting for banding or splotchy areas, or requiring special attention to sensitized areas where damage is present.  If you feel this option is best for you please fill out the consultation below.

Price Upon Consultation

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