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I'm so glad you're here!  Your visit in the salon will begin with a consultation during which we will discuss your hair goals.  Together we will decide what will best suit your wants, needs and lifestyle.

Show me your photos!  It is important to be realistic about your hair goals but photos can be extremely helpful.  Don't stress if you aren't using the right lingo; a picture speaks for itself.  From there I will create a custom color or haircut just for you.

Before booking online please check out the services page to ensure you are booking the correct service.  This is important as it will allow us the proper amount of time to complete your look.  If you are a NEW GUEST or if it has been longer than 6 months since your last visit please select a NEW GUEST service.  I look forward to your visit!

Sage Bios

Step 1

Read team bios & select your stylist

Each team member has a specialty and we are sure there is a perfect fit for you


Read through our curated service bundles and choose the best fit or fill out a digital consultation and we will choose for you

Working from Home

Our online booking is open 24/7. Simply request an appointment and we will reach out if we need further information


Step 4

Keep your eyes on your inbox for a welcome email before your first visit

We want you to be prepared for your first visit to SAGE


Step 5

Fall in love with your new salon home


New Guest Booking Options...

Browse our 4 booking options. Choose your package with or without a haircut. Not sure? Fill out our online consultation and we will pick the perfect service for you.

New Guest Option # 1

This service is for you if...

  • You are not looking for any haircolor services

  • You want to learn how to duplicate your look at home

  • You want to have an in depth consultation, haircut and style

Suggested maintenance every 4-16 weeks

Christine $95

Paige        $90

Jen            $85

Lauren     $95


New Guest Option # 2

This service is for you if...

  • You are happy with your current haircolor,  have less then 1" of regrowth and want one solid color throughout.

  • Want to cover grey with one solid color.

  • Only want to add shine or adjust tone.

Suggested maintenance 4-8 weeks

Tiffany    $250

Jen         $175

Paige      $150

Allissa    $130


New Guest Option # 3

Signature Highlights

This service is for you if...

  • You have highlighted or balayaged hair and just need a refresh.

  • You want minimal change and like to see multiple colors in your hair.

  • You like a combination of some highlights with grey coverage.


Suggested maintenance 6-10 weeks

Tiffany    $300

Jen          $230

Allissa     $180


New Guest Option # 4

This service is for you if...


  • Want to make a dramatic color change.

  • The underneath sections of your hair don't match/blend well with the top.

  • Your hair is dry or damaged and will require extra care when lightening.

  • You have a TON of hair.

Suggested maintenance 8-16 weeks

Tiffany $350

Jen       $275

Allissa  $250


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