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Oily Scalp? We Have the Solution!

Are you dealing with an oily scalp that has left you feeling frustrated? We get it! With a little help from SAGE, we can provide the perfect solution to manage your greasy hair. Our tailored services and products are designed specifically for those who have built-up oil on their scalps.

Don't let buildup and impurities bog down your scalp. With INNERSENSE's PURE HARMONY HAIRBATH + PURE INSPRIATION DAILY CONDITIONER plus their Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner and I Create Lift, you can get the gentle cleansing that comes with natural ingredients like Hawaiian Red Salt - rich in volcanic clay and minerals to keep oil balanced without stripping away natural oils!

Have you ever started to shampoo your have only to be robbed of the sudsy goodness your stylist gets in the salon? Don't fret. Continue to go through the motions of cleansing your scalp, rinse and repeat until you get the satisfaction of a bubbly cleanse. Lack of suds on the initial cleanse usually indicates you have more oil or buildup on your scalp than the first shampoo can penetrate. (That explains the lather, rinse repeat prompt on shampoo bottles!)

If you want to take cleansing to the ultimate next level you should try Innersense's True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub! This pre-treatment exfoliates away dirt and product residue that can disrupt the balance of your scalp environment. No more itchiness or irritation - just healthy, lustrous locks you'll love flaunting! Add this scalp facial to your next SAGE service by selecting the "Sage Signature Hair & Scalp Treatment."

Got an oily scalp? Let SAGE Hair Collective be your go-to! Our expertly designed organic products and personalized consultations will have you strutting the streets with confidence in no time. Say goodbye to oil letting down your hair game—your perfect head of locks is only a few clicks away!
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