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What Should I Wear To The Salon

Updated: Mar 25

As any fashion savvy gal knows, the right outfit can make all the difference. This is especially true when it comes to hair appointments!
What to wear to the salon.
What to wear to the salon.

First and foremost, avoid wearing anything the salon with a bulky neckline. That turtleneck or hoodie might look fabulous on you, but you want your stylist to be focused on giving you the perfect cut or color- not struggling to work around layers of clothing.

The last thing you want is to leave the salon with a soggy, wet shirt or worse: clothes ruined from hair color stains.

So how do we keep your favorite outfit safe at your next hair appointment? The answer is simple: change into our comfy, full coverage kimono style robe. Not only will this help to keep your clothes dry and stain-free, but it will also ensure that I can easily maneuver your hair. And who knows? You might even enjoy feeling like a pampered queen for a day!

Personally, there are days when I love an excuse to get dressed up, but 80% of my free time is spent in my favorite sweatpants 👖 No matter how you show up, know that I want you to be comfortable and I’m always happy to see you!
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