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Specializing in dimensional blondes, brunettes and natural hair color looks created with deliberate foil placement.

Tiffany is the salon's reality TV guru who takes a down-to-earth approach to providing you with a luxury service.  She loves giving her clients the hair color they have never been able to achieve, all while making you laugh until you feel like you did 100 crunches.

tiffany gilmore color expert new orleans

After my time at an elite academic boarding school during the grunge era my friends and family were shocked I fell in love with hairdressing.  I can color, foil and blow-dry hair happily all day as long as it's not my own.  I don't relish putting on a full face of makeup but I love the beauty industry.  I can nerd out on hair appliances, products, and weaving hair for hours.  I am lucky to be paid to have such a fun profession.  I grew up going to the salon with my mother and the hairdresser was always doing multiple things while doing my mom's hair and was never on time.  I pride myself on scheduling my clients for the amount of time I need, being punctual, and only doing their hair during that time I have scheduled for them. 

I run on iced coffee and ice cream provided by my ice cream chef husband.  I have tween twin girls who are wrong in thinking dad is smarter, funnier and has a better job than mom.  I am a New Orleans native that loves Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, and giggles with friends while indulging in a glass of wine.

As the daughter of a natural redhead I know what it takes to make red look real and I'm not afraid to do it.  I live vicariously through my blonde clients as it is my favorite color to create.  I look forward to making your hair color dreams a reality.

Sage Hair Nola
sage hair collective blonde

I like to do things a bit differently!
I believe in creating looks not just providing services.

I book and price by the session for a simple, fair, transparent pricing experience for everyone. 

My schedule is only open 2 months at a time. My books will open at 8am on the 1st of every month for the next month. (On January 1st my books for February become available.) My schedule is typically filled 3-4 weeks out.

Session Pricing Means:

  • No surprise add-ons. Any treatments, glosses or extra color is included in your time.

  • No confusing process of choosing a service. Modern techniques can be hard to differentiate. Leave that part to me.

  • All services are of equal value, genderless and age inclusive.

  • Freedom to use multiple techniques to create your look.

  • No gratuity accepted.

Tiffany Services & Pricing

Experience Menu

1.5-2 Hours
Cover & Gloss
Investment $200
How often: 4-6 Weeks

Rebalancing for faded, dull or brassy hair. Examples of this service could include root cover, grey coverage, single color applications, toners, glosses or glazes. Includes a blowout.

tiffany gilmore red hair

2-2.5 Hours
Signature Highlights
Investment $275
How often: 6-10 Weeks

Maintenance appointment for any combination of blonding. Includes balayage, blonding, foliage, teasylights, root shadow, glossing and toning.

tiffany gilmore bronde balayage

3-3.5 Hour Session
Color Transformation
Investment $330
How often: 10-16 Weeks

Ideal for more intricate looks, guests who want to be ultra blonde, want a new look, have a ton of  hair or haven't been seen for more then 6 months.

tiffany gilmore natural blonde highlights

*I am a color specialist and do not do any haircutting services. If you wish to book a haircutting service with your appointment please add it to your booking.

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