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Tiffany Gilmore Color Expert New Orleans


Hey there, fabulous folks! I'm your gratuity-free-color expert who somehow managed to fall head over heels for hairdressing after surviving the grunge era at an elite academic boarding school – shocking, right?

I can happily color, foil, and blow-dry hair all day long, just not my own; that's a whole different battle. Full faces of makeup aren't really my jam, but boy, do I love the beauty industry. You want to nerd out about hair appliances, products, or weaving hair? Count me in – I can go on for hours!

Growing up, the salon was my second home, watching my mom get her hair done by a multitasking magician who was always fashionably late. Now, I've flipped the script – I schedule my clients for the time they need, I'm punctual, and I only focus on their fabulous locks during our scheduled time together.

Fueled by iced coffee and ice cream courtesy of my ice cream chef husband, I navigate the teen twin world, where my girls are convinced dad is the bee's knees. Native to New Orleans, I live for Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, and those giggly moments with friends over a glass of wine.

As the offspring of a natural redhead, I've got the lowdown on making red look real, and trust me, I'm not afraid to do it. Living vicariously through my blonde clients is my guilty pleasure – it's just my favorite color to create. Can't wait to turn your hair color dreams into a reality – let's make it happen!

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