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Stacy Messa


Hey there, fabulous hair enthusiasts! I'm Stacy, your go-to extension and color guru here at the salon, and I've got a story to tell – stick around, it's worth it!


Trained in several extension techniques, I'm all about tailoring a look that's uniquely you, achieving those hair goals while keeping things easy to care for and looking oh-so-natural. As a color expert, matching your extensions perfectly is my jam, and I've racked up years of experience creating natural, pretty, and wearable hair color looks that will have you turning heads.

Now, here's a little peek behind the scenes – I'm a mom of two little ones under 5, so I totally get what busy women crave. I've had my fair share of careers and lived in various cities before finding my way back home. Sure, I might be a bit quiet at first, but once we get to know each other, I'll be the first to pull a prank or share a laugh.

While I might not be wielding the scissors, I can certainly rock a killer blowout after your color, leaving you feeling like a hair goddess. Neat and timely in my service, your experience with me is not just about getting fabulous hair but enjoying the entire process. So, whether you're dreaming of luscious extensions or a gorgeous color transformation, let's make it happen together – I can't wait to meet you!

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